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Homework Monster

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

As Halloween is just around the corner (hard to believe, I know), now is the time that the homework monster has been given more power than it should. One of the most commonly waged battles between parents and children is over homework. Even with the best of intentions, tackling this ongoing dilemma in positive and constructive ways can be a constant challenge. Here are a few tips designed to help you work more effectively with your child:

Be a homework manager. Don’t do your child’s homework, but provide the structure and tools needed to complete assignments successfully. Often, it’s the lack of planning that makes homework seem overwhelming.

Know your child. Because each child is unique, with different learning styles and academic needs, it is important to personalize the learning process. Develop a work schedule and study environment based on your child’s personal learning style.

Break long-term assignments into smaller segments. Larger projects will be less overwhelming when viewed as a series of incremental tasks.

Set milestones. Teach your child to display completion dates on a calendar to help stay on track and complete projects on time.

And always …. Celebrate success.

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