Because learning should be personal

Every child has a different learning style and pace.

Each child is unique, not only capable of learning, but also capable of succeeding.

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All students have the ability to succeed academically if given the proper tools and instruction. DTLA Academics will identify not only how a student learns, but  help students master various learning strategies, organizational tools, skills to generate academic success. Using both formal and informal assessments, ​together we will establish short and long term goals for your student. We will generate a path to develops the confidence and success your child deserves.

For over thirty years, Betsy Rosebrugh has supported children and families by aligning instructional strategies with individual learning styles. She has successfully taught in a variety of public and private educational environments, creating a welcoming classroom to foster the individual growth and development of each student.

As an administrator, she taught teachers to individualize instruction, catering to the learning style of the student.  The focus is on mastery of skills, while gaining both confidence and independence.

As a teacher, her lesson plans were designed to encourage curiosity and motivate students to master new skills.   Her teachings would guide students to develop strategies as they learned to apply their knowledge and recognize success.

Her approach consistently recognizes the child as an individual.  DTLA Academics was established to help students succeed academically and gain the confidence to achieve student goals.

  • B.A of Psychology, Duke University

  • Masters of Education, Loyola College

  • Educational Therapy Certificate- UCR

Credentials and Experience:
  • Certified Child Life Specialist

  • Trained in Wilson Reading/ Language

  • Trained in Orton-Gillingham

  • Certified Teacher in California & Arizona

  • Masters of Education with specialization in reading instruction. 

  • 25 years elementary classroom teaching experience in both public and private institutions​​


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Individualized Instruction

Educational Consulting

Study Skills

Test Prep


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