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We're glad you're here, because learning should be personal.

Every child has a different learning style and pace.

Every child is unique, and not only capable of learning,

but also capable of succeeding.

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All students can succeed academically if given the proper tools and instruction. DTLA Academics will identify not only how a student learns, but help students master various learning strategies, organizational tools, and skills to generate academic success. Using both formal and informal assessments, together we will establish short- and long-term goals for your student. We will generate a path to develop the confidence and success your child deserves.

Expecting all children the same age to learn from the same materials is like expecting all children the same age to wear the same size clothing.


–Madeline Hunter

Learn to Read


Whether a student needs to catch up or is trying to get ahead, we work with your learner to reteach concepts and complete assignments. Together we will discover how your child learns. Your student will be given tools and taught strategies. The goal is to build an academic foundation on which your student can work independently, apply strategies, and form a better understanding of themself as a student.



Whether your child is struggling in school or you are trying to identify potential services for your child, together we will generate a learning plan which aligns with your individual student’s profile.  As a learning coach, the educational therapist will give your student  academic support and strategies to help them develop as learners.

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Whether it is ISEE, HSPT, or the annual State CASP testing, we will work on the various components of the exam. A practice exam will pinpoint areas of focus and be used to  generate an individual learning plan. Test taking strategies will also be integrated into the instruction.



Does your learner do well in everything but tests?  Together we will unpack strategies on how to prepare for and apply while taking tests.

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